Kelly Duplex - Kelly Duplex (Digital Download) SDR025


Kelly Duplex’s s/t first full-length album is informed by senses of loss both circumstantial and chosen, a wry but vaguely positive outlook on millennial parenthood, the wool-blanket heat of summer in New Orleans, dreams of fractions, incessant list-making, and an abundance of opinions regarding Sylvia Plath. Written over the span of two years, Avrard’s guitar pop affections have culminated into this: a carefully realized debut on which the band display their emotional and musical relationships.

1. the seemingly endless heat of summer in New Orleans. a wool blanket of humidity, paranoia & broken A/C
2. an old friends' affectations, a night spent with Sylvia
3. a year of loss - chosen & circumstantial. a year of (re)picking up habits - remembered as more satisfying than they are
4. these are little souvenirs
5. of living chronically in a nation determined on ransoming my insulin
6. bijou, noun: something small, delicate & exquisitely wrought
7. and all can be divided into halves

releases February 12, 2021

Shane Avrard | Guitar / Vocals / Keys
Dreux LeBourgeois Jr. | Drums
Kenny Murphy | Bass

Recorded + Mixed by Nick Pope @ HighTower Recording | New Orleans, LA
*except: track 6 (Bijou) recorded by Shane Avrard, mixed by Shane Avrard & Nick Pope
Mastered by Carl Saff

track 2 (Pink Light) quotes from The Night Dances by Sylvia Plath
track 4 (Here's Where the Story Ends) written by Harriet Wheeler & David Gavurin, The Sundays
(Kick Me Again, Jesus) written by Dave Couse & Fergal Bunbury, A House

Photography by: Kat Kimball
Album art by: Shane Avrard, using The First Six Books of the Elements of Euclid by Oliver Byrne (1847)
Layout by Patrick Bailey
Vinyl pressed with Love @ New Orleans Record Press

©2021 Kelly Duplex
Strange Daisy Records | SDR025


  1. hoverround
  2. pink light
  3. shreveport
  4. here s where the story ends
  5. good title
  6. bijou
  7. halves
Pressing Information

Ltd. Edition Vinyl / 300