Static Masks - Permanent Vacation - Digital Download SDR011


Released July 12, 2019

Recorded by James Whitten & Nick Pope
At Hightower Recording | New Orleans, LA

Mixed by James Whitten
Mastered by Carl Saff

Album Art by Patrick Bailey

Static Masks | Patrick Bailey, Ben Belou, Eric Dauzat & Robert Landry



Static Masks return with their sophomore release, Permanent Vacation. Their first release showcased a forward thinking perspective on pop-song structure within an experimental rock frame, and Permanent Vacation continues that narrative with a more focused collection of songs. The band flexes its technical muscle across eight tracks, pairing intricate transitions and rhythmic shifts with heavy riffs that charge these exhilarating songs. Their sound is fully realized with the assistance of engineers James Whitten and Nick Pope of HighTower Recording, who help document the band’s precision and depth. Permanent Vacation shows that Static Masks are not a math-rock band trying to be accessible, but rather a band untethered to rigid genre expectations.


  1. Permanent Vacation
  2. Dust
  3. Local Ghosts
  4. Smoke Screen
  5. Somewhere North
  6. Last In Line
  7. Just A Spill
  8. Throws
Pressing Information

Static Smoke | Ltd. Edition of 50 (SDR / Online Exclusive)
Static Marble | Ltd. Edition of 75 (Band Exclusive)
Static Surprise | Ltd. Edition of 100

Ltd. Edition of 50 (Band Exclusive)