Matron - Standing Water SDR008


Standing Water is the new EP for New Orleans Prog-rock band, Matron. Coupled with the first self-titled EP, this release is the full up-to-date collection of Matron. The new EP continues their musical exploration, channeling through their genre bending songwriting with angular rhythms courtesy of Jordan Bodzin on drums as well as the traversing guitar work of Bobby Burvant. The vocal depths of the record are just as explorative as the instrumental navigating as Laura Fisher extends her voice beyond typical lengths for the Prog genre. Her vocal abilities make it sound as though there are more singers than just herself and Burvant. Phil Stafford lays down bass lines that somehow make these jolting vignettes into cohesive grooves. While the members themselves haven’t exploded among the musical community in New Orleans, there is no question that Matron is a supergroup.


Jordan Bodzin - Drums
Bobby Burvant - Guitar and Vocals
Laura Fisher - Vocals and Synthesizer
Phil Stafford - Bass

Recorded by Adam Keil at Music Shed Studios, New Orleans, LA
Produced by Bobby Burvant and Jonathan Hight
Mixed by Jonathan Hight
Mastered by TJ Lipple
Artwork by Patrick Bailey

Strange Daisy Records


  1. Meet Again
  2. Beaming
  3. Touring the Void
  4. Train Problem
Pressing Information

Ltd. Edition Yellow Cassette // 100