Astro - Confide In Jest - Digital Download SDR001


Released February 10, 2017

After a three year hiatus, Astro delivers a new chapter of an almost decade long endeavor. Confide In Jest explores complexity within simplicity. The circular repetitive nature of the songs instigates a feeling of comfort and movement within a mostly concise pop structure. Some songs are complete ideas, while others are moments magnified with no real beginning or ending. Generating influence from composers such as Steve Reich and William Basinski and song writers such as David Bazan and Mike Kinsella, these at times painful bedroom songs couple together ambient ever reaching concepts with grounded melody.

All songs written, recorded and produced by Robert Landry.
©2017 ASTRO


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    1. Rewind
    2. Mending Wall
    3. Wet Redux
    4. Decode
    5. Common Thread
    6. Bastille Day
    7. Mention of Marriage
    8. Collard
    9. Alone
    10. Time At Odds
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    Ltd. Edition Compact Disc of 50