It’s hard to believe that King Crimson brought this band together, but Matron was formed after some of the members played in a local New Orleans cover show. Their experience blossomed some novel and unique musical connections so they pursued forward together to form Matron. For the most part the band acts as a cohesive unit, but much of their inception stems from the time Bobby Burvant and Jordan Bodzin played in their old outfit, Dronebaby. While Dronebaby was not the letterhead to Burvant and Bodzin’s musical aspirations, it was where they ultimately got their chops. During this time, Laura Fisher had just moved to New Orleans after her time playing music in Philadelphia and New York, and started her solo project as well as writing for local grunge band, Tranche. Last year, Matron released their first self-titled EP, an explosive yet delicate push-off for the band. It accentuates all aspects of the musicians crafts without any competitiveness. There is a going rumor that Matron is the only true Prog-rock band in the city. This moniker has earned them to right to stay weird, which they will undoubtedly do. The band is relatively fresh on the scene, but they are breathing new life into the somewhat stagnant nature of the New Orleans rock scene. Their next release, Standing Water, will be through Strange Daisy Records with a re-release of their first EP on side B.

Matron are:

Jordan Bodzin - Drums
Bobby Burvant - Guitar and Vocals
Laura Fisher - Vocals and Synthesizer
Adam Keil - Bass